We live in a though economy, prices of basis need increase rapidly. Our budget for leisure is shrinking. Going out and trying new things always come with the decision of how and when to spend that ‘leisure-budget’.

With DushiDeals I want to endorse my marketing skills to contribute to the local economy. To connect customers and companies in an efficient and affordable way with tangible results. The build-up of customer relationships benefits best by experience. DushiDeals creates the opportunity to get that experience; the first step of building a customer relationship.

  • For customers; special deals make it easier to seize opportunities, actually visit new places, try new things and bond with companies that they find appealing.
  • For companies; DushiDeals offers an efficient way of advertising, resulting in increased brand awareness and actual visiting customers without financial risks.


I am always looking for ways to improve our services and deals. If you have any questions or suggestions, I’ll be happy to assist you.

Don’t just get a discount, get a Dushi Deal!

Jantien – Owner

DushiDeals is convenient, safe, easy and dushi!

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