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Preparing for the holidays? Upgrade your language skills with Captain Language! Choose from Spanish, English, French, Dutch or German. Now get 77% discount on 1 month UNLIMITED access from $65 for only $14.99 (ANG26.70)


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  • Discover a new language with this 1 month course 
  • Choose between Spanish, English, Dutch, French or German
  • No long term commitment, experience if this way of learning fits you!    
  • The course includes an initial test to determine your current level, so you can start at your own level  
  • After you’ve finished the course, there will be a retest available to measure your progress and a certificate will be given to you based on your achieved level 
  • The course is 24/7 available everywhere in the world. You can study at your own time and place!  
  • Exercices include grammar, vocabulary, texts and comprehension 
  • Purchase more courses if you would like to learn multiple languages!   
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  • Coupon is valid from the 16th of July until the the 16th of October 2018
  • You couponcode will be activated at the end of the deal. Please wait for confirmation, hereafter you can redeem your couponcode
  • One coupon is valid for one person  
  • A complete version of the course is available on pc or laptop and a light version is available for smartphone and tablet. The app is available in Android application as well (not compatible for iPhone or iPad)
  • All levels are available for the course English. For the other languages it is recommended to have a basic knowledge
  • Go to to use the coupon
  • Insert the received code, choose the language you wish to learn 
  • Fill out the indicated fields, confirm your order by checking the box “I have read and accept the General Sales Agreement''
  • For more information about how to redeem your voucher contact:, for general questions about the course please contact:
  • For more information on how to add the Android application to your course, please contact (the app is not compatible for IOS)

An intuitive, customizable online interface guides students of all abilities through lessons in English and students with some basic knowledge in French, Spanish, Dutch or German at Captain Language.The company’s platform tailors lessons to accommodate a student’s experience level.

Programs begin with a linguistic audit to determine students' skill levels. At the end of the course, a retest will be available to measure the progress and a certificate will be given based on the achieved level. 

The platform’s learning tools include vocabulary drills, oral pronunciation, and grammar exercises. The online training software can be accessed at any hour of day from anywhere in the world, allowing students to study via laptop.

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