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Want to enjoy a Caribbean dinner at a unique spot located at the Spanish Water? Taste their specialties at the new restaurant Tabooshh! Purchase your dinner card to spend on various dishes with 50% discount from $30.90 for only $15.45 (ANG27.50)

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  • phentermine effects on libido Great open air restaurant with sea view
  • phentermine 37.5 tablet or capsule Recently opened
  • Caribbean and local cuisine 
  • Open daily from 4PM till 10:30PM for dinner
  • Open House Event "A Caribbean Affair" on the Thursday of 28th of September from 5PM till 10:00PM (entrance ANG10, free snacks and moijto's for 50% discount)
  • Check the menu below (description) or click here for the full menu


  • The coupon is valid from the 22nd of September until the 22nd of November (28th of September and the 10th of October excluded)
  • phentermine first two weeks The coupon is valid on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
  • Choose from various starters, islands tapas, or main course and desserts (lobster excluded)
  • The dinner card will be discounted from your total bill. The coupon needs to be spent at once (no cash or credit return)
  • soma side effects You can hand in one coupon per person
  • purchasing phentermine online Coupon is only valid for dinner
  • Reservation is required, call us  at 747 5555 or email us
  • Bring your printed coupon with you
  • Hurry, only a limited amount available!

phentermine and topiramate average weight loss Tabooshh! is nestled in a secluded Bay in Spanish Waters, on an intimate waterfront location. The restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere for guests who want to enjoy great food.
Tabooshh offers a new and improved concept of Caribbean kitchen, born from a long line of culinary experience and family recipes, some of them up to 100 years old.
We offer something out of the ordinary, a memorable experience through Good Mood & Awesome Food. Open for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 12PM. The menu can be viewed below or on their Facebook page

phentermine 37.5mg en espanol diet pills similar to phentermine over the counter Starters

Boto di Banana Plantain boat with ground beef and vegetables served with pina salsa   16
Konoflo di Fornu Roasted garlic served with oven baked goat cheese toast and pesto   16
Bala di Kangreu White crab meat patties with a touch of cajun spices; a New Orleans delicacy!  16 
Awakati Lumpia  Lumpia wrappers with avocado herbs & species  14
Mojito Shrimp  Shrimps prepared in a mojito marinade  21
Buni ta Carpaccio Finely sliced fresh yellow tail tuna, served with lemon mayonnaise   18
Kesadia di Kabaron i Kref Quesadilla with lobster and shrimp, served with our signature spiced tomato sauce 24
Sop'i Pampuna Creamy pumpkin soup with green curry & cayenne  14
Beshimanto! This rich local fish soup brings "Good Tidings"  17
Sop'i Bonchi Pretu Black bean soup with spiced bacon and ham  14
Sop'i Banana Ku Koko A creamy banana soup with coconut and cayenne  14
Salada Banda'bou Salad with goat cheese and papaya, with a guava dressing  18
Sesar di Karibe We altered the Ceasar salad by adding mandarins and spicy chicken strips  20
Salda Martinique Mixed greens with shrimps, camembert and a light jerk spiced dressing   22

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Piononos Goat cheese stuffed plantain fritters  14
Seviche Boneriano Ceviche made with conch and hot peppers  22
Keshi Bala Stuffed cheese ball with ground beef and spices  12
Musherum Yena Mushroom stuffed with crab meat topped with parmesan cheese  16
Shh! Ya' Mak' a mi Crazy Jamaican jerk hot chicken wings  14
Shrimp Koko Loko Shrimp in a spicy cononut batter  18
Empanada di Karni Cornmeal cakes with sesame seeds, ground beef, raisins and capers  10
Olive Fiesta! Marinated olives with goat cheese   11
Rum Chica Rum chicken strips prepared with dark rum and orange glaze  14
Yuka Brava  Fried yucca with spicy tomato sauce  14
Jalapeno Yena Stuffed jalapeno peppers with spicy ground beef and Philly cream cheese  18
Johnny Cake ku Stoba Johnny cakes stuffed with beef stew  10

soma other uses Main Course
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Kabaron Diaboliko Spicy shrimp in a creamy garlic sauce   39
Lomito la Maria Nicely, cut tenderloin served with a sauce of port, tamarind and soft peppercorns  40
Keshi Yena Paradero Martin's handed down recipe! Stuffed gouda cheese with chicken, capers, raisins, and spices  29
Bakou Stoba Stewed salted codfish with green pepers and unions  32
Kabritu Stoba ku Kurie Curried goat meat, stewed to perfection! Warning: contains bones  29
Piska dj' awe Today's catch with a twist. Served with our local tomato based sauce, with or without cayenne!  39
Koko Man! Go Rum! Boneless and skinless chicken prepared with coconut milk, spices and a mango rum sauce  34

Fried funchi with cheese  6
White rice  5
Sweet potato mash  9
Thick-cut french fries  6
Fried Plantains  6
Bread basket with tapenade  9
Sweet potato fries  9
House salad  7

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Kesio Malibu Flan with Malibu rum  12
Semifreddo De Menthe Semifreddo of white chocolate with a hint of mint that makes this mousse the very definition of decadence  15
Bolo di rom Berde Caribbean rum cake made with green rum  14
Eiskrim ku Fruta Ice cream with fresh fruit and chocolate sauce  14
Ki Laim Pain Key lime pie with a meringue crust  15
Sweet Tabooshh! Les delices de Tabbooshh!  24

Black coffee  5
Espresso  5
Cafe Latte  5
Espresso Dobel  6
Cappuccino  5
Tea   4

Irish Coffee Espresso, Tulamore Dew Irish whisky, coffee liqueur, brown sugar, whipped cream 15
Irish Kiss Espresso, Irish cream, coffee liqueur, brown sugar, whipped cream  15
French Kofi Espresso, cointreau, coffee liqueur, brown sugar, whipped cream 15
Don Juan Espresso, dark rum, coffee liqueur, brown sugar, whipped cream 15
Russian Roulette Espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur, amaretto, brown sugar, whipped cream  17
Curacao Night Espresso, Curacao white liqueur, rum raisin liqueur, brown sugar, whipped cream  15
Flamingo Spanish Fly Espresso, tequila Wray & Nephew rum coffee, liqueur, brown sugar, whipped cream  17

Deal address

What Does Soma Feel Like Caracasbaaiweg 403N,

doctors prescribe phentermine dfw Jan Thiel, Curacao

soma reviews ign phentermine still hungry Located at the end of Caracasbaaiweg, at 200 meters to the left before reaching the last roundabout. Look for our sign on the main road and enter the drive way at the brick wall. 

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