Bio & Spa Life

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Give your mom the gift of rejuvenation and a glowing skin with Bio & Spa Life! The Glowing Facial treatment lasts for about 60 minutes and contains Dermaplaning, Collagen Vitamin and Nutritive Phototherapy. Now with 50% discount from $70.20 for only $35.10 (ANG62.50)

An amazing experience in spa enjoyment, tranquility and rejuvenation right here on Curacao.

Highlights Fineprint
Surprise your mom with the gift of rejuvenation  The coupon is valid from the 9th of May 2023 until the 8th of July 2023
Bio & Spa Life has only licensed skin care specialists with long term experience Coupon is valid for 1 person
The Glowing Facial treatment leaves you with a rejuvenated, glowing and hairless skin Coupon is valid for a 60-minute Glowing Facial including Dermaplaning, Collagen Vitamin and Nutrative Phototherapy
This 60-minute treatment includes: Reservation required, WhatsApp +5999 695 5561 or email [email protected] mentioning DushiDeals
Dermaplaning: removal of dead skin cells, downy hairs and light pigments spots, which leave you with a glowing skin Opening hours: Monday & Thursday 9AM-6PM, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 8AM-6PM and Saturday 8AM-4PM
Collagen Vitamin: strentghens the structure and strentgh of the connective tissue Bring your coupon code or printed coupon with you
Nutrive Phototherapy: On the one hand this penetrates the skin till the deepest levels for anti-aging benefits, on the other hand this therapy is great for acne and breakout conditions Located at Orionweg 7a
Do you prefer a longer facial treatment including Ultrasound and Carbon Hydrogel? Check out this deal!

At Bio & Spa Life they strive to give you an amazing experience in spa enjoyment, tranquility and rejuvenation right here in sunny Curacao! Bio & Spa Life offers a personal touch, Licensed Esthetician board certified, skin care specialist having served over 10 years of expertise in fields such as Cosmiatry. Bio & Spa Life also offers Body treatments, Anti cellulite, Ultrasound Cavitation/Radiofrequency and diet advice regarding weight-loss.