Sero Pest

Tired of sharing your home with sneaky invaders? Termites, cockroaches, ants or other scum, will pull their socks up when this team of exterminators arrives. Now a professional pest elimination treatment by Sero Pest including home and garden, against 200 species of intruders, and roof inspection, all with 50% discount from $672.76 for only $336.38 (ANG598.91)

Little critters might think they’re clever, but they’ve met their match with Sero Pest! 

Highlights Fineprint
Sero Pest offers fast and targeted pest control Coupon is valid from the 14th of June until the 14th of August 2024
This coupon includes pest elimination inside and outside plus yard perimeter Coupon is valid for 1 home pest treatment (inside & outside plus yard perimeter), and a roof inspection
Whether it’s termites, cockroaches, or any other crawling, unwanted intruders, Sero Pest’s team of exterminators is there to kick them out for good. Take care of over 200 insect species at once No limit yard perimeter/house surface
Prevention guarantee up to 2 months Available: Monday – Friday 9AM – 4PM
Say goodbye to the sneaky invaders and reclaim your home sweet home! Reservation required, please Whatsapp or Call +5999 519 3722
A house inspection is always included in order to provide you with the best results Show your couponcode on your phone or print your coupon
Regular roof inspections are vital for detecting silent intruders like termites, which can cause significant damage. While roof inspections are often associated with buying or selling a house, it’s advisable for homeowners to schedule them yearly Located at: your house
This proactive approach can help catch issues early, saving on costly repairs and ensuring the longevity and safety of the home
Inspection rapport included on request
Would you rather have only your garden treated for 200 insect species? Click here!
Sero Pest offers professional, purposeful services for exterminating pest. An inspection is always included in their service to offer you the best results. With their experience they will take care of every tiny creaper in and around your house.