Having a special celebration at your house? But you can not find the time to decorate it in your theme? Let Jairicastevents handle that for you! This professional decorator has a great eye for details fit to your needs and transform your living room in an enchanting setting. Now 1 house decoration (indoor) with 50% discount from $252.80 for only $126.40 (ANG225)

Highlights Fineprint
Having a party but don’t you have time to decorate? Hire Jairicastevents to help you out! The coupon is valid from the ..th of December 2022 until the …th of …. 2023
With great eye for detail your house will be transformed in a beautiful scenery in your party theme The coupon is valid for 1 house decoration (indoor)  for both personal use as well as commercial use
How it works: Just send a picture of your indoor setting, get a consultation about the materials you need to buy and make an appointment Including: Consultation by email or whatsapp and decorating as described in the highlights (Christmas, World Cup, New Years Eve, Carnival)
She is a professional decorator who knows which details to keep in mind Excluding: Material
What’s your occasion? Reservation required, please call +5999 6840662, mentioning DushiDeals
Christmas Dates excluded: 24, 25 December 2022 and 1, 2 January 2023
1x Christmas Tree decoration
1x Wall/Door decoration
1x Center piece of your table
World Cup
1x Organic style balloon arch
2x Balloons column
New Years Eve
1x Photo stands setting
1x Balloon Column
1x Photo stands setting
1x Spot on the carnival route
Valentine’s Day
1x Room decoration or table center piece 
1x Balloon bouquet