Body & Mind Instituut

Would you like to feel more energized? Do you want to feel comfortable in your body? Are you looking for tools that empower a healthy weight? Want to feel confident and totally satisfied with yourself? Then this is your chance to take control and get a better understanding of your body! Body & Mind Instituut offers a 2-hour individual healthy lifestyle/weight loss coaching session now with 50% discount, from $84.28 for only $42.14 (ANG75)

Highlights Fineprint
Individual lifestyle and weight loss coaching to achieve your healthy goals The coupon is valid from the 13th of October and 13th of December 2023
Only 3% of humanity integrates new eating habits successfully. With individual coaching you’ll learn patterns that are feasible and sustainable for you The coupon is valid for 1 Happy & Healthy individual coaching session of 2 hours
Build a positive relationship with your body and feel more energized and happier Availability: Monday to Friday from 7:30AM – 12PM and 5 – 7PM
Mind Moving Developer Jonno van den Berg has over 20 years of experience, specialized in making the right combination between psychology, nutrition and sports. She’ll get you to achieve lifechanging results within 1 session Coaching session only available in Dutch
An individual lifestyle and weight loss coach is there for you to: Reservation required please Whatsapp +5999 5241517
Feel more energized Bring your coupon code or printed coupon with you
Obtain a healthy weight permanently Location: Wilhelminalaan (Curacao Golf & Squash Club), Emmastad
Establish feelings of happiness and selfconfidence
Find your balance physically and mentally in a fun way
As Health Coach, Jonno presented the TV show Powertime in 2008, has educated over 125 psychologists and coaches with her methodology and helped over 1000 individuals to create their own happy lifestyle

Body & Mind Instituut works with the principles of ‘Mind Moving’. With the right mindset you’ll achieve your goals faster. Mind Moving will teach you how to build a positive relationship between body and mind, which results in a healthier body and a happier mind. With physical phsychological practices, you’ll change your mindset with lasting results. 

Jonno has experience as Health Coach, trainer, educator and loves her profession because she wants others to achieve happiness. She has a great knowledge of human nature, which makes her fit for the job with quick results. Are you ready for a change?