Theaterhuis Plott

Well this is location theatre! Location theatre exploits the specific features of a site to emphasize the scenes and feeling of a show. ‘Buutvrij voor de hele pot’ will be performed in and around the beautiful Landhuis Jan Thiel. This show is about recognizable human emotions and will offer you a complete experience of the cultural spectrum, with art, dance, music and theater. Now 1+1 person for FREE from $45 for only $22.50 (ANG40)

The performance ‘Buutvrij voor de hele pot’ is written and directed by Carlijn Damen. This show will only be performed twice and is a unique cultural experience in many ways. An enjoyalbe show which also provides food for thought. 

Highlights Fineprint
The show will take you on a tour through and around the beautiful Landhuis Jan Thiel The coupon is only valid on Sunday the 29th of May 2022 from 7PM until 21.30PM
You will experience a unique performance which includes 4 cultural spectra: art, dance, music and theatre The coupon is valid for 2 persons (age 12+)
Writer and director Carlijn Damen was inspired by human behaviour, the judgment on the behaviour of others and the human desire to ‘just be‘ and ‘let it be‘ instead of judge and being judged Spoken in Dutch
As a result of this ‘let it be’ thoughts, you will discover ‘bees’ along the route Limited number of coupons, so act fast!
You will be welcomed with an exhibition of local artists like Manon Hoefman, Annemieke Dicke, Joan and Avantia Damberg  Checkout the event on Facebook
Then you will continue on a tour along several scenes all in the theme of human behaviour Bring your coupon code or printed coupon with you
The theater scenes and music you will find on the way are accesible because they are recognizable for everyone and easy to relate to Questions please call: 📞(+5999) 6922404
Completely brought to you by local performers of all ages Located Landhuis Jan Thiel. Please park at Caribbean Cargo, from here you can take a free shuttle bus to Landhuis Jan Thiel
Will you ‘bee’ there?

Theater is a magical tool with which performance can relate different target groups. Owner Carlijn Damen founded Theaterhuis Plott to make theater available in various aspects of life and accessible for everyone, from toddler to adult. She writes total shows, like ‘Buutvrij voor de hele pot’, but also performances for children’s birthday parties, educational programms and workshops for both children and adults. Want to know more about Theaterhuis Plott, have a look on their website or Facebook page