Celebrate July 2 this year with some sweet treats from Miss Haily’s Cupcakes! For the occasion, every cupcake includes a shot of our favored Blue Curaçao liqueur and special Flag Day frosting! Get 12 adult cupcakes delivered at home now with 50% discount, from $42 now for only $21 (ANG37.50)


Highlights Fineprint
Receive your cupcake with a shot of our favored Curaçao Liqueur to celebrate the Flag Day The Coupon is valid on the 2nd of July 2020
Choose between vanilla or chocolate as base of your cupcake 🧁 Coupon is valid for 12 cupcakes
Receive a blue, white or yellow frosting to resemble the Curaçao flag The coupon includes delivery at home
Get a tube with your Blue Curaçao per cupcake Reservation required, mentioning DushiDeals. Make your order by clicking here or by mail: [email protected] please put in your order 1) base choice (vanilla or chocolate) 2) address 3) phone number
Don’t drink alcohol? They can put syrup instead Sent your coupon code upon reservation or hand in printed coupon at delivery

Miss Haily’s Cupcakes makes cakes and cupcakes in various flavors. Including plums cake and with toppings like M&M’s, Oreo and Chocolate.