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Take charge and drop a size! Experience the Slimline, now new at Mazzai The Spa. The results of a dry heat treatment in the Slimline compare to an intensive workout. The combination of heat, LED light and vibration create the similar healthy tension of the heart, cardiovascular system and muscles increase the metabolic rate and burn calories immediately. Now at Mazzai The Spa a 30-minute Slimline treatment with 50% discount, from $.. for only $.. (ANG..)

The Slimline integrates heat and LED light therapy for a complete weight management and total body wellness system. 

Highlights Fineprint
An amazing way to get in shape before Christmas The coupon is valid from the of .. until the of .. 2023
The Slimline POD is a personal capsule that incorporates dry heat like a sauna, oxygen, vibration and LED light into a full body service The coupon is valid for 1 person
The Slimline methods are to be compared with the results of an intensive workout. The increased heat combined with vibration causes natural reflexes of the body, like a healthy tension of the heart, cardiovascular system and muscles and facilitates excessive water loss Coupon is valid for a 30-minute Slimline treatment including; intake, condition treatment, shower
The incorporated LED therapy serves purposes like skin cleansing and silhouette tightening, improving tone and texture of the skin and stimulating collagen Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8AM-12PM, Tuesday and Friday 8AM-5PM
Complement your diet, exercize or fitness program Through the increase of the metabolic rate the body will remain Reservation required please call/Whatsapp 📞(+5999) 5110153
Advantages: Bring your coupon code or printed coupon with you
Increases metabolism Location: Kaya Damasco, Jan Thiel
Stimulates weight loss and immediate burning of calories
Decreases tissue fluid retention
Stimulates circulation
Reduces stress, (muscle) aches and pains
Firms and rejuvenates skin
Cleanses the body with a detox process
Increases energy
Revitalizes body and mind

Mazzai The Spa promotes your personal natural wellbeing in an environment designed to descend the stresses of the modern-day routine. Creating space where you find yourself naturally relaxed, exploring beauty from outside as well as inside. Mazzai The Spa brings all kinds of beauty treatments together, like massages, baths, wraps, facials, manicures and pedicures. Their team of professionals has earned a great deal of experience. They participate regularly in courses or workshops to keep up with the newest trends and treatments in the beauty department. You will be warm welcomed at Mazzai The Spa. Experience the extensive knowledge and contemporary technologies in the treatments. Everybody is welcome, they have treatments suitable for men, women and children. They are ready to serve you and give you the treatment you deserve!