Marry’s Magic Hands

Start 2024 with magical energy! Now an extensive 80-minute body scrub at Marry’s Magic Hands that rejuvenates the skin, boosts energy levels and cleanses the aura. This aromatic full body treatment includes white sage, body scrub, claymask and hydrating lotion. Visit Marry’s Magic Hands for all of this in a unique outdoor Krioyo home spa setting. Now the 80-minute body scrub with 50% discount from $69.15 for only $34.58 (ANG61.50)

Improving performance by reducing stress. Rest, refresh and restore.

Highlights Fineprint
Experience the gentle care of Marry’s Magic Hands in the unique outdoor, yet private, Krioyo Home Spa. Recently expanded scrub area The coupon is valid from the 15th of December until the 15th of February 2024
The treatment is a 80-minute full body scrub leaving you with rejuvenated skin, a deeply cleansed aura and a boosted energy level The coupon is valid for 1 person
Spoil yourself or give this coupon as a Christmas gift! Treatment includes: a 80-minute full body scrub
The Scrub- and Claymask offers a wholesome and calming soft scrub/peeling:  To bring with you: Swimwear or clothes that can get wet, Dry underwear, Towel
Removes dead skin cells and uneven skin Reservation required, please call +5999 5146296 and mentioning DushiDeals
Deep cleansing aids in skin saturation (better absorption of lotions and other products) Opening hours: Tuesday until Friday 9AM-7PM and Friday 9AM-5PM
Exfoliates and stimulates cel renewal Bring your coupon code or printed coupon with you
Improves blood circulation, enabling the body to get rid of toxins and replenish mineral deficiencies Location: Kanga 67, Willemstad, Curaçao
Many cultures consider white sage to be excellent at cleansing the aura and driving away bad energies. Sage has a soothing scent and brings a magical energy
Aromatic hydrated lotion all over the body