Maak Me Mooier

Nothing is perfect, but your makeup can be!! Get an online makeup workshop by Vera from Maak Me Mooier. Counseling from home whenever you want plus customized tips and tricks. Learn it now in 5 steps with 50% discount! From $18.25 for $9.12 (NAF16.25)

Do you have a drawer full of makeup that you don’t use simply because you forgot how to use it? Did you try a new look with the help of an online tutorial and end up looking totally different than you expected? In that case, this workshop is perfect for you! Check out the details below.

Highlights Fineprint
Discover how to work makeup to your personal style and face The coupon is valid from the 14nd of December until the 14nd of February 2021 (sign in before this date)
Explore the colors that fit you The coupon is valid for 1 person
This workshop has 5 steps, with a step-by-step plan with a clear explanation of a neat day look Coupon is valid for the online workshop ‘Natural Day Makeup’
Professional makeup tips and tricks Available in Dutch only
Explanation of applying various makeup Available on your own time, it will take approximately 1 week
Learn from Vera, a professional makeup artist with over 20 years of experience You can enter your online profile with the videos for 2 months
Vera looks deeper than just the right tools. She aims to teach women who don’t have the natural look of a model You just need: a device with an internet browser, your own makeup and a mirror
Available for every age, type and color of skin You will receive login details by email upon purchase
Have a look on Maak Me Mooier’s website for more information

Vera is an experienced makeup artist from The Netherlands. Well known for her work in theaters, television, movies, and photo shoots. Her mission is to make women more beautiful. She loves to highlight the beauty in people. Throughout her online makeup workshop, Vera shares her 20 years of experience with you.