Felicitá Massagesalon

Do you sense tension or pain in your body? Or do you feel emotionally overwhelmed or blocked? Then it’s time to experience the power of touch at Felicitá Massagesalon. With an energetic massage the self-healing capacitiy of body and mind will be activated, resulting in tension release, removing blockages and restoring balance. Now an energetic massage with 50% discount from $56.18 for only $28.09 (ANG50)

A powerful way to promote wellness. ‘Aandacht aan jezelf…’

Highlights Fineprint
An energetic massage is very helpful when you feel tensed, yet it can release underlying and not noticeable disbalance The coupon is valid from the 2nd of October until the 2nd of December 2023
With an energetic massage the self-healing capacity of the body and mind will be activated The coupon is valid for an energetic massage for one person
Through the emphathy of the therapist during the treatment, (unconscious) blockages can come to light, and are to be discussed after the treatment to gain insight into the next step of the healing process Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10AM – 7PM, Wednesday 1-7PM
A treatment starts with a short intake, to tailor the treatment to the clients complaints. The area and methods vary, based on the clients needs Reservation required please call or Whatsapp +5999 523 9403
A variety of unique treatment methods can be deployed in addition to traditional massages, like bamboo/wood therapy, Reiki and meditation to align Chakra (scroll down to read more) Bring your coupon code or printed coupon with you
An energetic massage is applicable when: Location: Montana (location will be sent upon appointment)
– you are experiencing physical symptoms
– you are experiencing emotional stress
– you want to maintain your overall health

Nathalie just recently opened Felicitá Massagesalon. She got her certificates for massage therapy in the Netherlands. 

Bamboo/wood therapy: a type of holistic treatment which helps to alleviate muscle tension, pain, improve joint function, increase circulation and help to enhance the quality of sleep. It makes you feel relaxed but energized at the same time. The therapist will use a variety of different sized canes, dependent on the body type and desirable treatment outcome.

Reiki: an energy healing technique by which the therapist guides the flow of healthy energy through the clients body by gentle hand movements or touch to reduce stress and promote healing.

Chakra: refers to energy points in the body, that should be opened and aligned as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs and areas of the body that effect emotional and physical well-being. One of the best chakra healing techniques is meditation and Reiki is used as well.