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ENEB Business School training programs allow students to grow professionally and climb their career ladder in any company You can enroll between the 16th of April until the 16th of July 2020
Obtain the necessary skills to manage any company department successfully One coupon is valid for one person
MBA or Master degree taught in English can be chosen among 11 options, please find them below Please access the program by calling¬†+ 1 (929) 2421337¬†or sending an e-mail to¬†[email protected] stating your personal info, coupon code, and name of the Training Program chosen.¬†Within 24 hours you will receive your user and password, along with the instructions on how to start your Training Program
Duration 18 months Credits of all Master Programs: 60 ECTS
100% digital Duration: 18 months
Access to ENEB’s Virtual Campus, Virtual Library, Community and the entire syllabus Three university diplomas
Tutoring from Monday to Sunday No refunds or cancellation once log in details have been provided
Streaming lessons and Master Classes taught by expert guests
Access to our Job Listing and National and International internships (if desired)
After completion of the Training Program ENEB Business School issues you will receive three university certified diplomas:
Master degree diploma
Specialization in Coaching and NLP diploma
Access to ENEB’s Virtual Campus, Virtual Library, Community and the entire syllabus
Spanish for Business Program Certificate (free of charge and non-compulsory)
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MBA or Master degree can be chosen among these 11 options:

ENEB is a business school specialist in high-performance Masters and Postgraduate training programs based on distance teaching methodologies. ENEB offers several international reference programs in more than 40 countries, training senior officials throughout the business industry.

Access to the virtual campus and 24/7 service guarantee that all students are provided with easy access to help by their team of tutors who make every effort to resolve their doubts or questions, allowing them to gain a full understanding of a given subject. They offer a flexible training system that is fully adapted to our students’ schedules, enabling them to combine the studies with their personal and professional activity.

All Master‚Äôs, Postgraduate and Higher Education courses are accredited by the Universidad Isabel I, which has been designed within the European Higher Education Area by granting ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits in all the school’s training programs, guaranteeing the homogeneity and the quality of the studies. Committed to quality and excellence, the European Business School in Barcelona has been awarded, along with EAE and IMF Business School, with the Cum Laude 2019 quality seal as the best business school according to students.

ENEB Business School is a global and international business school, aimed at training company directors and experts in the business field. With a wide variety of Master’s and Postgraduate programs, ENEB Business School provides the management tools and the necessary skills to manage any company department successfully.

ENEB Business School is recognized by the most prestigious companies in different sectors. Its training programs, adapted to the current reality of the working world, allow students to grow professionally and climb their career ladder in any company. When our students finish the Business Spanish Program, they can sign up for our Job Opportunities List, as ENEB Business School has agreements with significant business firms dealing with students’ placement in different professional sectors.

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