For DushiDeals, the careful handling of personal data of users is of great importance. With regard to the processing of this data, DushiDeals acts according to the applicable laws and regulations (General Data Protection Regulation). For the use of this website, DushiDeals will capture certain data of users in a file.

The goal of this Privacy Policy is to inform you about the way DushiDeals makes use of the personal data that is collected about you on this website and how you can change or delete these data. The Privacy Policy applies only to this website and not on other websites to which there are links on this website.

Capture and processing of personal data
For the use of some components of the website, DushiDeals needs your personal data including your email address, IP address and name and in some cases address particulars.

DushiDeals collects and processes your personal data for the following purposes:
(I) for the providing of our services
(II) for analyzing and researching data of the user to maintain, to improve and/or to renew the website for the user
(III) to keep you updated about interesting offers of products and services, offered by DushiDeals
(IV) to keep you updated of products and services from carefully selected partners of DushiDeals

Information security
To prevent the access to your personal data of unauthorized, DushiDeals has taken several security measures. Including: Measures against unauthorized access, use, change, unlawful and unintentional destruction and loss. The personal data and proceedings will be secured by the use of advanced technology and safety systems. All personal information that the user makes available for DushiDeals is send via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) coding technology. SSL is a highly secure encryption system that protects personal and transaction data.

The employees of DushiDeals and those who have access to the personal data in commission of DushiDeals, are required to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information of which they have acquired knowledge, except insofar as they are required by law or regulation to make announcements about the data.

DushiDeals makes use of ‘cookies’ for offering her electronic services.

Cookies are small amounts of information which a server sends to the browser with the goal that this information is send back to the server at the next visit. This information can consist of (but is not limited to): IP (internet Protocol), address, kind of browser, browser language, date and time of purchase. Users of the website give, through their agreement with the terms and conditions, permission for the collection and use of the information provided by the user through the servers of DushiDeals. Again, this happens in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

DushiDeals uses cookies to improve the quality of the website, the service and the experience of the user with the website. The use of cookies is common on the internet and DushiDeals uses similar cookies as other respectable online companies.

‘DushiDeals’ is a registered trade mark of Annexis International B.V. (Annexis), established at Dunckellaan 53, 6132 BK in Sittard (the Netherlands, Chamber of Commerce no. NL 59604654, VAT no. NL853565570 B01). The ‘DushiDeals’ trademark, and the processes and systems for the sale and distribution of the DushiDeals coupons.

If you have any questions about these terms, please contact DushiDeals.

DushiDeals reserves the right to make unilateral changes in this Privacy Policy. Changes or additions on this Privacy Policy are published here. DushiDeals advises you (the End User) to check the Privacy Policy regularly. If you have questions about the Privacy Policy of DushiDeals, then please contact our branch office.