Why advertise on DushiDeals?

When you’re looking to make an impact for your brand, reach out to a new target group, and build loyalty with new customers, DushiDeals is the most efficient marketing platform to start your campaign!

DushiDeals is an online marketing platform that offers great reach, no prior costs, quick results and professional advice.

Large local audience: With more than 15.000 local followers, we’ll create great brand awareness and impact for your deal.

No prior costs: DushiDeals operates on a success fee basis, only charging for each sold coupon. There are no subscription fees, publicity costs, administration fees, or other fixed or upfront costs. This makes DushiDeals a very efficient, riskless marketing solution.

Quick results: Our followers need to act quickly, as DushiDeals are only available for about a week. This urgency ensures you see results swiftly, boosting your sales exactly where you want them.

Professional advice:¬†With our personalized approach, we’ll boost your sales exactly where you need them. You’ll receive professional and personalized advice, and together we’ll design the perfect deal to distribute to our 15.000 followers.

We are looking forward to new cooperations. Please contact us, we are available for a non-binding appointment!  

E: [email protected]
T: +5999 692 2404

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