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Learn, work and develop yourself on Curacao.work The Coupon is valid from 22nd of May till the 22nd of August 2020
Curacao.work is a brand new platform in the Caribbean ‘The Netflix’ of online learning One coupon is valid for one person
Choose now 3 from the 14 different online training programs! Check them out below Choose 3 out of 14 online learning programs, check them out below
Now unlimited access for 2 months to 3 training programs of your choice!  Available in English or Dutch depending on the course

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By creating a professional profile and gaining more visibility at Curaçao.work, you will be able to kick-start your ambitions the moment the job market is up and running again

After your purchase, you will receive redemption instructions by email

Curacao.work stands for equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of level or branch

Would you like to find out more about Curacao.work? Take a look at curacao.work or their Facebook page

Choose one of the following 14 courses:

Work, learn, and develop yourself at Curaçao.work, from your home! Are you looking for your dream job? Or the right employee? This brand new platform brings employers and employees closer together. Curacao.work is the ‘Netflix of online learning’, with over 500 online learning programs from marketing & sales to personal development, you can keep on developing yourself. Following the successful Dutch labor market portal AtMonday, Curaçao.work wants to realize a 100% open labor market in the Caribbean.

For jobseekers
A job that brings you pleasure every day? Yes, this really exists. Although it sometimes hard to find. Fortunately, Curacao.work will make this search easier and more fun! As a job seeker, you can create an online resume for free: the so-called Talentcard. This Talentcard is publicly available, therefore you will be easy to be found by hundreds of Curacaoan employers. 
For companies
The qualities of your employees are crucial to a successful company. To attract the employees that will fit your business, the key is visibility. On Curacao.work companies can present themselves for free with their mission and ambitions. Also, you can create vacancies, that will be automatically matched to the employees that fit your description. 

Want to know more? Visit www.curacao.work or the Facebook page Curaçao.work. The company is available at [email protected] or +59995262625.