Explore the Mysteries of the Deep after Dark!

Dive into the Enchanting World of Night Diving! Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure beneath the stars and beneath the waves? Experience the magic of night diving like never before, with the Spooky Halloween Night Dive! Join Blue Bay Dive & Watersports on the 31st of October with 50% discount from $77 for only $38.50 (ANG69.30). After the dive a nice warm drink will be awaiting you.

Discovering the underwater world is truly an incredible experience and completely different from the earth as you know it. Especially at night. Some underwater animals that don’t show up during the day come out at night.

Highlights Fineprint
As the sun sets, a whole new world comes to life beneath the surface. Witness incredible nocturnal creatures in their natural habitat, from mesmerizing bioluminescent organisms to elusive, night-loving marine species The dive is Tuesday 31st of October at 6:30PM
The underwater realm transforms at night Coupon is valid for 1 person
Night diving offers an entirely different level of excitement. The thrill of the unknown and the unexpected encounters make every dive an exhilarating experience Including dive gear, tank, and weights
Included: Excluding dive light (can be rented at Blue Bay Dive & Watersport $12)
Tank  Reservation required, please call or WhatsApp +5999 8885450 mentioning DushiDeals
Weights If you have any question about the dive or physical conditions, please call Blue Bay Dive & Watersports or download this file
Diving gear Bring your coupon code or printed coupon with you
Warm drink after dive Location: Blue Bay Dive
Excluded: The dive is only for PADI certified divers
Dive light $12

Located on Curaçao’s Blue Bay Resort, Blue Bay Dive & Watersports is Curaçao’s PADI 5 Star IDC Center. The Blue Bay Team is known for its dedicated, enthusiastic team that strives to provide each guest with the best possible experience. The staff ​​is at your service to make your diving experience unforgettable.