Experience ‘The Grinch’ the musical this Saturday at WTC! The show performed by the students of Beyentlkids is about the meaning of the celebration of Christmas. They will offer you a complete musical with theater, dance and songs to enjoy for the whole family! Now only on the 16th of December with 50% discount from $19.66 for only $9.83 (ANG17.50)

The musical ‘The Grinch’ is directed by Yentl Martis. This show will only be performed 4 times and is a unique cultural experience for the whole family with a Christmas spirit. 

Highlights Fineprint
This musical performed by the students of Beyentlkids will bring you the famous Christmas story of The Grinch. The coupon is only valid on Saturday the 16th of December.

Doors open: 2.30PM

Showtime 3PM-4.30PM (Doors close at Showtime!)

The musical takes place in Whoville, where Christmas is the most important holiday of the year. All they care about is giving cheap gifts and food. The coupon is valid for 1 person (age appr. 4 yo+)
The Grinch was an outsider since he was a kid. Especially around Christmas he felt left out. He has grown resentment among the holidays and moved to a cave outside of the village to live alone. Spoken in Dutch
Once a little girl named Cindy met the Grinch, she started to doubt the Christmas spirits of the Who-villagers. She starts to shift the emphasis of giving gifts to a Christmas spirit of sharing, loving and including everybody. Limited number of coupons, so act fast!
Director and choreographer Yentl Martis was inspired by the story of The Grinch and wants to convey the Christmas spirits of sharing and love in this musical. Swap your coupon code for an original ticket on appointment (Damacor, location will be sent upon appointment). Call or Whatsapp 📞(+5999) 6922404
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