Do you still print and save your letters, contract and statements in binders and boxes? Then Paperlz is just what you need! This unique cloud software will give you access to your documents, wherever you are. Get a Business account for 1 year with 50% discount from $640 for only $320 (ANG569)

This software is suitable for every type of use, whether it is for your home administration or in your office. Download the smartphone app and do your vacation request to your boss completely paperlz! Do you prefer to see a demo first? Just ask!

Highlights Fineprint
​This cloud software gives you access wherever and whenever you need it
The coupon is valid from the 17th of December till the 17th of February 2021
​Unlimited users
The coupon is valid for 1 business accounts, including unlimited users
​20 GigaByte storage
Including setup fee
​Work location independent
Please contact [email protected] with your couponcode to start the setup of your account
Free custom domain
Correspondence and cash advance requests possible
Automated workflows
Incl. Smartphone apps
Digital Vacation requests…and much more
Do you prefer to see a demo first? Just ask!