How are you holding up in the current circumstances? Do you have the means to share? Give something back to society and reduce inequality by supporting the Foodbank. Together we can do more! Here is how it works: Donate NAF20 by purchasing a coupon on our website and DushiDeals will add NAF10 to every coupon sold. We will donate the total to the Foodbank of Curacao!

In times like this, we need each other more than ever. Here at Dushideals, we have thought about the options for us as a company. For once it was not a brainstorming session about a new DushiDeal. What can we do besides just donate? We use our network to reach out to more people and support the Foodbank together. Join us if you have the means to do so!

The goal is to reach a total donation of NAF1500. Therefore we need to sell 50 coupons. We believe that every little bit helps, that is why we increase every sold coupon with NAF10. Would you like to lend a helping hand? 

Highlights Fineprint
Provide help in these uncertain times The total amount will be donated on the 5th of May 2020
Your contribution brings hope, do what you can to help After purchase, you will receive a confirmation by email
The impact of the Coronavirus goes far beyond the infected people. Entire communities are facing emergencies For more information about what your donation will do check out their website or on Facebook
Purchase more coupons to increase the total donation