Be stronger than your excuse, start today with improving and maintaining your body in only 20 minutes a week with fit20! The fit20 personal training is the most efficient health- and wellness training you can find, with primary goals: increase fitness, heart condition, blood vessels and lungs and promote weight loss. Stay healthy and feel young in just 20 minutes a week! Now a 1 month Flex subscription for 1 person with 50% discount from $95.50 for only $47.75 (ANG85)

‘We add strength to your life.’

Highlights Fineprint
Stay healthy and feel young with only 20 minutes personal training a week! The coupon is valid from the 18th of March until the 18th of May 2024
Fit20 offers a unique high intensity fitness method that trains your body so efficiently that every cell will be activated in 20 minutes The coupon is valid for 1 month membership (4x personal training) for one person AND including 1 FREE intake session
You will train your whole body, and also resilience, mental strength, cognitive functions and mental focus Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8AM – 8PM and Saturday 8AM – 12PM
Every training will be guided by a professional personal trainer Reservation required please call +5999 6927212
Receive feedback and review results instantly Minimum height: 1.50m
Advantages: Bring your coupon code or printed coupon with you
improve immune system and cardiovascular fitness Location: Kaya Flamboyan 1B
increase metabolism, muscle strength, concentration, posture
train mental strength, focus and cognitive functions
promote weight loss
available for every age
the personal trainers assist you in English, Dutch or Papiamentu 
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fit20 is a worldwide innovative and unique fitness method. fit20 proves you can stay healthy and in shape in only 20 minutes guided traning a week. The weekly training stimulates your body with high intensity to improve muscle strength, speed, cardiovascular condition, transport of oxygen, metabolism, bone structure, energy level, hormonal profile, brain shape, immune system, posture and shape, flexibility, concentration, stress resistence and more!