Dushi Papiamentu

Want to improve your Papiamentu during the lockdown? Then this is your chance! Learn the basics of Papiamentu with 5 online private lessons including a conversational lesson. Now 5 lessons with 50% discount from $168.50 for $84.25 (ANG150)

Always wanted to understand and speak Papiamentu? Papiamentu is one of the few Creole Languages of the Caribbean that has survived to the present day. Learn the language in a playful, nice and private atmosphere!

Highlights Fineprint
Want to improve or learn Papiamentu? Get special private online lessons Papiamentu with Dushi Papiamentu Coupon is valid from the 13th of April 2021 until the 13th of July 2021
You’ll get 5 hours of private lessons and a report of the lessons – available online One coupon is valid for one person
The course consists of 5 basic lessons including a conversational lesson The coupon is valid for 5 hours online lessons
 Intermediate or advanced level? The course can be adapted to your level Private (online) course suitable for every level with interactive guidance of a professional instructor
Lessons will be given by a professional Papiamentu teacher Possible to buy 2 or more coupons per person
For everyone who wants to learn Papiamentu Please make an appointment, please email [email protected], or whatsapp/call 691 7569
Including material Possible class times from Monday to Friday 8AM till 9PM

This customized course of Papiamentu takes you to the next level, wherever you start. Make a good start with the first words and grammar or extend your knowledge and skills. During the course, you will learn to understand the language in an active, playful manner and in a nice atmosphere. The lessons will be given by a professional and flexible teacher with lots of experience.