22 Pilates

Do you want to improve your posture, flexibility and balance? Join 22 Pilates! Pilates sessions promote strength and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and increase the range of motion for the joints. Get a monthly pass that is valid for 4 lessons. Now with 50% discount from $44.95 for only $22.48 (ANG40)

Sophie is the owner and instructor of 22 Pilates since 2018. In the lessons, she aims to create a good balance between being active with your body and consciously using your muscles.

Highlights Fineprint
“22 Pilates, where body meets balance and strength” The coupon is valid from the 1st of April until the 1st of July 2022
Pilates is all about the core: it helps strengthen the back by training the abdominal muscles and will elongate the muscles without getting too ‘bulky’ The coupon is valid for 4 regular lessons which can be used during 1 month. Make sure your first lesson is before the 1st of June
The core is the foundation of all movement and is super important to help you in your day-to-day activities like walking, jumping and lifting Coupon is valid for 1 person
Improve your posture, flexibility and balance Schedule (all classes in Dutch and/or English):

Tuesdays (7.30PM), Thursdays (7.30PM) & Saturdays (8.30AM): Fundamental
Fridays (8.00AM): Flexibility & Flow

Pilates can help you lose weight in combination with a diet Reservation required (for every lesson you need to sign up): 📞(+5999) 520 7217
Get rid of back issues Click here for the website of 22 Pilates, or checkout their Facebook or Instagram
Three different classes are offered:

  • Fundamental (basics of Pilates)
  • Flexibility & Flow
  • Pregnancy & Pilates
Bring your coupon code or printed coupon with you
Strengthen your body with Pilates, create a strong core and a toned body Located in Pietermaai, Kaya Jonge Wacht 8

The vision of 22 Pilates for each class stems from classic Pilates, where the mat and your own body weight are central. Exercises against gravity, in control, develop muscle strength, promote mobility and thus build a lean body. 

Full Schedule:

  • Tuesdays (7.30PM), Thursdays (7.30PM) & Saturdays (8.30AM): Fundamental
  • Fridays (8.00AM): Flexibility & Pilates
  • Saturdays (9:45AM): Pregnancy & Pilates