Curacao Ostrich Farm and Zambezi

Come and see the biggest bird on earth! Take the safari tour and explore the ostriches, crocodiles, and potbellied pigs on the Curacao Ostrich Farm. Finish up with a 3 course dinner at Zambezi including ostrich steak now from $72.90 for $36.45 (ANG64.90)


No Longer Available



  • The coupon is valid from the 8th of September till the 8th November
  • The coupon is valid for a 45 minute safari tour on the Ostrich Farm and a 3 course dinner
  • The coupon is valid for one person
  • Opening hours: 
  • - Daily from 9AM til 4PM
  • -Friday from 9 AM til 10 PM
  • Reservation is required, please call 747 2777 or email
  • Including a welcome cocktail


  • Experience the atmosphere of South Africa
  • Take a cool safari tour (45 minutes) and admire and feed the biggest bird on earth, crocodiles, potbellied pigs and stand on an ostrich egg!
  • The experienced guide will tell you all (fun) facts about the birds
  • Finish up your day with a lovely 3 course dinner:
  • Starter: Chicken salad with dried fruits and nuts served in plaintain leafs
  • Main course: Ostrich steak served with baby potatoes, dried tomatoes, and vegetables
  • Dessert: Chocolate cheesecake
  • Child friendly!
  • Opened daily

The safari tour will show you the the Curacao Ostrich Farm and gives you the unique experience of seeing the biggest bird on earth. During the 45 minutes safari tour our guide will tell many (fun) facts about the birds. Come see our crocodiles and stand on a real ostrich egg! When feeding the birds you will have the opportunity the take pictures. Join us for some fine dining in our restaurant Zambezi after the tour.

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Groot St. Joris West z/n

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