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There are times in one's life when one could use more support and guidance. During such a period it is nice to have the time to digest the experiences at one's own pace. Sometimes children have difficulty doing this, because they do not yet have the necessary experience in dealing with challenging events. Because of this their inner being could, so to speak, become dented. If this doesn't get the chance to heal, there is a chance that it could cause permanent damage to the child’s personality. To prevent this, proper therapeutic treatment is necessary. This kind of treatment can be found through Art Therapy at Dareling.

Dareling offers Art Therapy as a method of treatment for children with psychosocial difficulties. The Art Therapist makes use of different therapeutic approaches, varying from behavioral to psychoanalytical. Characteristic of an Art Therapy session is the use of expressive means as a medium, such as drawing and painting techniques, wood working, working with textiles, clay, stone and metal. The emphasis within Art Therapy is thus placed on the actions within the medium instead of exclusively on verbal therapeutic interventions.

Therapeutic goals are set in the following areas:

- Emotional Area: Coping with adversity, learning to regulate emotions and processing traumatic experiences.
- Behavioral Area: Learning to follow instructions, learning and working methodically and developing perseverance.
- Conflict Processing: Developing problem solving skills, learning to deal with rejection and learning to deal with boundaries in an adequate way.
- Self-Reinforcement: Developing one's personality, learning to relate to others and getting to know one's own strengths
- Social Functioning: Strengthening one's impulse control, learning to collaborate and developing responsibility for one's own role within a group.

Dareling was established to support children at the moment their healthy development runs the risk of becoming troubled. We believe that children can indicate, from their inner wisdom, how  treatment will take place. Therefore Dareling is a child-centered Art Therapy practice. We work with the child, in a way that appeals to the child, within the world of the child.

Dareling's Core Values:

- Development of one's uniqueness.
- Working from the strength of the child.
- Good entrepreneurship.
- Authenticity.
- Child-centered approach.

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