Perla del Mar

Looking for a night out? Take your loved one to Perla del Mar! The menu varies from the most exquisite seafood to the juiciest grilled steaks! Enjoy your dinner while glancing at the sea. Now with 50% discount from $126.40 for $63.20 (ANG112.50)


No Longer Available



  • Coupon is valid from the 22rd of January until the 22rd of March 2020
  • One coupon is valid for 2 persons
  • Including an amuse, 3-course dinner and 1 wine or soft drink per person
  • Reservation required, please call 4617800 by mentioning your DushiDeal
  • Bring your PRINTED coupon with you


  • Have a relaxed dinner with your loved one and enjoy the beautiful island!
  • Including a glass of housewine or soft drink per person
  • Amuse: Corn bread with Dutch cheese 
  • Choose your appetizer: 
  • Salmon tartar
  • Asparagus cream
  • Choose your main course: 
  • French fillet mignon
  • Florentina fish fillet, spinach and au gratin
  • Coq au vin: Chicken with red wine sauce and vegetables
  • Pasta al Pesto
  • Choice of side dish: Spanish patatoes, mixed saled or yellow rice (no side dish with Pasta al Pesto
  • Choose your dessert:
  • Frozen Cappuccino
  • Tropical Sundae

Visit our unique Waterfort restaurant, the only restaurant on top of the ocean. Their specialities vary from the most exquisite array of freshly caught seafood to the best and juiciest grilled tenderloin and T-bone steaks, accomodating you every wish. 

Our food styles:
- American
- French
- Italian
- Peruvian
- Spanish

Deal address

Waterfort Arches, Punda

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