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Special mothers deserve a special treat! Get your mother the perfect present: spoil her with this coupon at Healing Hands. She can choose a relax or a deep tissue massage. Now a 50 minute massage with 50% discount from $70 for only $35 (ANG62.30)


No Longer Available



  • Coupon is valid from the 8th of May until the 8th of July 2018
  • The coupon is valid for one person 
  • Choose between the Deep Tissue massage, or the Relaxing massage (both massages are 50 minutes)
  • Including a Mimosa drink!
  • Reservation required, mentioning DushiDeals, please call 5274751 or mail to andreameijergarcia@hotmail.com
  • Send your coupon with your reservation or bring your coupon to your appointment


  • Use the coupon a gift for Mother's day
  • Or enjoy 50 minutes of 'me' time yourself
  • Come in tense, leave in a state of total relaxation
  • If you just want to relax, pick the Relaxing massage
  • If you really need to loosen up, go for the Deep Tissue massage
  • Including a mimosa drink! 
  • Spoil yourself and be spoiled at Healing Hands

Every day we are exposed to stress, such as accidents, a fall, lifting wrong or bad attitude. This is what we call mechanical or physical stress. In addition, we also have chemical and emotional stress. If you have more stress than your body can handle, the body protects itself, which is reflected in muscle tension.

This muscle tension caused pressure on the nerves, leading to pains, stiffness and numbness. This also leads to disruption of the communication system in the body. This will cause the normal functions of your body. A stiff neck, lower back pain or painful shoulders can all be caused by adhesion of muscles due stress. 

This adhesion of muscles can also block your bloodcirculation. 

A deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down these adhesions to relieve pain and restore muscles. The best way to release the stress out of your body and your mind is this deep tissue massage. 

This deep tissue massage in combination wit the relaxing hot stone massage will make you come to deepest tranquility.

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