Christmas Charity Deal: Dierenbescherming Curacao

Support the Dierenbescherming Curacao! Help the homeless dogs and cats who need love, medical- and behavioral guidance. For only ANG25 ($14.05) you can purchase a coupon, and DushiDeals will add ANG5 to each coupon bought - all proceeds go to charity!


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  • For more information about Dierenbescherming, please visit
  • Don't print your coupon! Your donation will be done directly from Dushideals to the Animal Protection Foundation Curacao (Dierenbescherming Curacao)
  • For more information about the deal or payments, please call DushiDeals at 6922404


  • Buy as many coupons as you like!
  • 100% is donated to the Animal Protection Foundation (Dierenbescherming) Curacao and also: DushiDeals will add another ANG5 per coupon bought to donate to the Animal Protection Foundation!
  • Support this great foundation that helps and take care of cats and dogs who do not have a home
  • The Animal Protection Foundation gives cats and dogs the necessary medical treatments
  • The volunteers give lots of love to animals
  • Get into your Christmas spirit and donate, you will make this foundation and the animals very happy!

The mission of the Stichting Dierenbescherming Curaçao (Animal Protection) is the pursuit of the welfare of animals. Here the Animal Protection is the place for animals in need and will take care of as many as possible. Animals that can not be taken care of by the Animal Protection will be referred to third parties, who can provide the necessary care and care.

The Animal protection foundation has three pillars:

  1. Take care and find a new home for the cats and dogs. In the shelter, as many dogs and cats as possible are taken care of and after sterilization / castration, refurbishment and rehabilitation
  2. Education, through promotion, information, workshops and so on, awareness of the importance of animal welfare is created
  3. Prevention and care. Because of prevention and care, animal suffering is prevented and remedied as much as possible

The Stichting Dierenbescherming Curaçao is largely dependent on donations and sponsors to carry out its mission.

Deal address

Abattoirweg 7 (Parera)

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