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Looking weary after days of celebrating Carnaval? Spoil yourself with a 75 minute Neoderma Bio-peeling treatment at Body Laser Therapy. Now with 50% discount from $98.30 for $49.15 (ANG87.50)


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  • Coupon is valid from the 9th of February until the 9th of May 2018
  • Coupon is valid for one bio-peeling treatment for one person 
  • Reservation required, please call 7880055 or email
  • Limited amount of coupons available!
  • Bring your printed coupon with you


  • Cabin treatment takes about 75 minutes while you can relax in a lovely ambiance
  • The Bio-Peeling treatment removes dead skin cells and ensures a softer skin, more then a regular cleansing facial
  • The Bio-Peeling treatment is a unique herbal peeling, developed by a dermatologist and based on a combination of algae, natural herbal fibers and essential oil-, plant- and herbal extracts. Also called the Chinese herbal peeling
  • Accelerates the process of new skin cells
  • Detoxes the skin by herbs 
  • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin 
  • Treatment is applicable to all skin types (for both men and women) and offers solutions to:
  • Acne or acne prone skin
  • Coarse pores
  • Wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Pigmented patches/lesions
  • Dull skin (smokers' skin)
  • Reduction of sebaceous glands
  • With the purchase of Neoderma cabin care treatment (Bio-Peeling) you can purchase the complementary Intelligence prevent or Intelligence Rejuvenate products with 50% discount that you can use at home for long term results

Body Laser Therapy BV is founded in november 2014. The team exists out of a cosmetic docter and a skin therapist. They are certified and qualified in laser treatments. They offer various types of laser treatments like Low Lever Laser Light therapy (LLLT), Q Switched Laser, Diode Laser and Co2 Fractional Laser.

Neoderma Bio-Peeling Cabin Care:

The treatment ingredients only exists of algal, plants, and herbs. To improve the blood circulation, rejuvenation of the skin, and cell renewing the ingredients algas, mintoil, balm, and calendulan are used together. 

In Body Laser Therapy they offer several treatments:
- Hair removal
- Pigment treatment
- Tattoo removal
- Nail fungus treatment
- Acne Treatments
- Neoderma cabin Care
- Basic Facials
- Training for beauticians in Neoderma

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