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Do you miss balance in your life? Want to bring up the best in yourself? Shine like a diamond with Aquamarina Lifecoach! She will help you put your thoughts into action, now a 90 minute consult with 50% discount from $90.86 for $45.43 (ANG80.93)


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  • Coupon is valid from the 14th of January until the 14th of July 2020
  • Coupon is valid for one 90-minutes Private Adult Coaching 18 - 60 years old (also check out the coupon for 60 minutes)
  • Maximum of 10 coupons per person and maximum 2 coaching session per person per week
  • Private coaching, at your own home, by Whatsapp-call or email
  • Only available on appointment mentioning DushiDeals, please call 6679143
  • Bring your couponcode or printed coupon with you


  • Life coaches work with their clients to help them achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in their lives
  • Do you have troubles at home, with your kids, relationships? Want to change your career? Feeling insecure? Don’t know how to say 'no'? Do you need budget planning advice? Overstressed and burned out? Or just fed up with everything in general?
  • YOU can solve these problems yourself, but sometimes all it takes is the right push on the button, and challenges you to help you find answers and solutions you are looking for
  • Let's work together to Shine Like a Diamond!
  • The added value of a life coach can be for anybody who is experiencing a certain form of stress: busy men and women, parents, entrepreneurs
  • In a few simple steps you will learn what exactly is keeping your head busy and how to get things in order in your head
  • Maruja Martina is a certified life coach. She is a trustworthy woman, that has 16 years experience coaching kids, teenagers adults and seniors and she is always happy to help you to achieve your personal goals
  • Maruja her life coaching services are also available for companies to help with a fresh start in 2020

Shine like a diamond!
'Diamonds need reflection, refraction and dispersion. We need also to analyze and change our lifestyle by step by step actions.  
Let me help you with you lifestyle, budget planning, relationships, change of work, motivate yourself and make of you an successfully professional.
The added value of a lifecoach can be for anybody who is experiencing a certain form of stress: for busy men and women, parents, entrepeneurs.
My name is Maruja Martina. I am an certified Lifecoach. I have 16 years experience as coaching kids, teenagers adults and seniors and happy to help you to achieve your personal goals.
Let us work together and to Shine like a Diamond!'
‚ÄčKids Coaching is $15.90 per hour 
Teenagers Coaching $19.08 per hour 
Adult Coaching $60.57 per hour 
Senior Coaching $25.74 per hour 
Instagram: Maruja 1928

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