About DushiDeals


DushiDeals is a website where spectacular discounts are offered. The webshop was launched by a team of experienced internet professionals early February 2012 in Curacao. DushiDeals is together with DushiVIPcard (www.dushivipcard.com) part of Dushi Online. DushiDeals and DushiVIPcard are trademarks of a small company, directed by Jantien van den Boogaard. Because of the large customer base, local companies are enabled to reach out for new clients. Clients are served well to find the best deals in the region. Through our experience and marketing skills we are able to introduce new deal making concepts, adapting to the preferences of our customers and the particpating companies. DushiDeals searches for the best discounts and other opportunities for you!


Jantien van den Boogaard: Managing director of DushiDeals and DushiVIPcard 


Our mission is to give our DushiDeals members amazing discounts and a possibility to try new products and services. We want to recruit as many members as possible so the discounts will get higher. In other words, the best activities, restaurants and products on your island for great prices!


DushiDeals for customers

Sign up for DushiDeals and always save 50% or more on the best local businesses! Our goal is to offer an amazing deal every 48 to 72 hours. DushiDeals makes experiences accessible for everyone!

Examples of a DushiDeal:

- Diving course

- Restaurants

- Yoga workshop

- Car rental

- Massage

Do you have ideas or do you know a good company for a fantastic DushiDeal? Let us know!


The difference                           

- We want the best quality and service.

- DushiDeals fits as an organization completely in this day and age; quick, good and online!

If you have a comment or question about our quality of our service or if you want your company to get the attention of thousands of people on the island, please contact us and get your own DushiDeal or DushiVIPcard.


Contact information 

Email: office@dushideals.com

Phone: +5999 692 2404

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dushideals





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